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YOUR CISO PARTNER | We focus on your software and information security so that you can put all your energy into providing the best insurance possible. As your Chief Information Security Officer of record, we’ll take care of keeping your information enterprise safe. Our knowledge of the insurance industry means we tailor the CISO role to what your business needs.

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Our Services

Managed Policies, Procedures, and Audits

We help write the policies and procedures that your auditors and trade partners want, and then we help you implement and enforce them to protect your valuable information. We’re experienced with network and process auditors, and we bring that knowledge to you.

Managed Security Services

We put leading information security tools in place to monitor your policies and procedures, and we handle the mundane work of processing your log data and access controls, so you don’t have to.

Managed Software Security

We got our start in software engineering and system design, so our eyes are trained for vulnerabilities and holes. We investigate your systems and then advise your engineering staff on the best security measures to protect your data.

Meet Your CISO

Jacob Anderson, the founder of InsureSec, has been starting companies and designing software systems for over 30 years. Since 2000, he operated Beyond Ordinary Software Solutions where he specialized in insurance data processing and automation. Drawing on his insurance industry experience, he started InsureSec to help Insurance companies elevate their information security compliance.

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